7 Real Estate Questions Agents Should Know The Answers to

As a real estate agent, you always want to appear confident with your clients. However, sometimes you’re faced with a question you might not have the answer to.

This doesn’t only shake your confidence but may make the seller rethink their decision as well.

The best way to tackle this issue is to prepare answers to all the probable questions beforehand so you can provide prompt replies when you face them.

Here are some real estate questions that you might get asked:

  1. Can You Tell Me More About The Property?

Specific details about a property can help a buyer decide whether they want to purchase it or not. You should have a clear idea of every relevant detail about the property you are trying to sell.

Some of these specifications are:

  • Security
  • Utilities
  • Facilities and Amenities
  • Parking
  • Year built

2. Why Does My Home’s Assessed Value Differ from Its Market Value?
A home’s assessed value is determined yearly by a tax assessor to calculate exactly how much the owner needs to pay as tax.

On the other hand, the market value depends on how well a negotiation went between a buyer and a seller.  It is an agreed-upon value which is often also dependent on the assessed value.

3. What Are Your Marketing Plans for Selling My House?

One of the real estate questions that every seller would ask you is what you plan to do to fetch them the right buyer.

You can have a marketing plan devised for different categories of properties and answer according to the kind your current client is selling. A thorough answer would assure them that they have selected the right agent and that they can trust in you.

4. How Many Houses Should I View Before Buying One?

Understand, while you are showing your clients houses, they are looking for their homes. So, no number will satisfy them. Instead, leverage modern technology and let them take virtual tours of as many properties as they want.

This is exactly what your answer should be as well. Give them access to your digital system and ask them to search until they find their “Home”.

5. How Many of Your Listings Have Been Terminated?

A seller obviously wants to ensure that they are hiring the right agent for the job. So, they might question your success rate before signing a deal.

Give them an honest answer without any fabrication. Your honesty will only strengthen their trust in you as they move forward.

6. Are You Familiar With the Neighborhood I Plan to Buy a House In?

The answer should always be yes. This is why most agents do their homework on the location before meeting their clients for a thorough meeting.

Things you should know about the target neighborhood is:

  • Transportation
  • Schools, hospitals, and shops nearby
  • Development plans
  • Crime rate, etc.
  • How Does this Floor Plan Compare to Others in the Building/Area?

Again, hiding any specific information will only increase their suspicion. Instead, give them a realistic answer with a proper comparison. Always, highlight the advantages of the property you are trying to sell more.

These are just a few of the real estate questions you will be faced with as an agent. Remember, there is a lot more that goes into closing a deal. If you are wary of whether you can convert leads or not, it is best to seek guidance from a trusted mentor, someone who has done it themselves. AJ Lamba Academy’s online courses prepare you for both the market and most importantly for your clients.