Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lamba Coaching and Consulting Program?

LAMBA COACHING & CONSULTING better known as the “LCC” program was created to help Realtors all across US & CANADA to help them received the finest level of Coaching & Direction ever in our Industry's history! It has been our endeavor to deliver the entire Program in the most simplest manner revealing all the secrets for teh 1st Time Ever that AJ LAMBA personally used to become one of the Top Realtors across North America! This program will show you how to build a Real Estate business that can last for years to come. It is a step-by-step webinar series that consists of 23 modules split into 3 levels plus each Level having its own very powerful Toolboxes that will enable you to execute each of the instructions.

How is AJ different from other coaches?

The major difference with AJ LAMBA & most of the other Coaches is that AJ practices what he preaches. There is no guess work or 3rd party information in his Coaching. Starting out as a realtor just like you, he has hands-on experience as a Top Producer himself for over 15 years in one of the most competitive markets across all of North America! Unlike many of the so called real estate coaches who have been Coaching for years & even decades but haven’t sold a piece of real estate in the last 10 or 20 years. Ask any of these Coaches, when was the last time they personally practiced what they’re preaching? We at LCC do not ever coach anything that we do not personally practice. Our program is a one-of-a-kind, tried & tested step-by-step guide that answers all your real estate questions, whether you’re just starting out in the business or haven’t yet achieved the level of success you’re aiming for.

Who is this course for?

The Course is meant of every level of REALTOR as long as you are ambitious & committed to making it big in the Industry. It doesn't matter if you are brand new so you don't have to waste years like many of the other agents have already wasted, or if you have been in the business for 10 or 20 years but never made it to the top, our detailed step by step Program will get you where you've always wanted to be but lacked the real direction. Its for every REALTOR who is committed to running a more Consistently Profitable, Stable and Scalable Real Estate business. It works regardless of your previous knowledge or experience as long as you can commit to the simple step by step approach as these are tried & tested programs that have helped me clock a MILLION $$$ in GCI in only my 4th year in the Business & it can do the same for you!

What topics are covered in the Lamba Coaching and Consulting Program?

The entire Program has about 23 Topics & is a very methodical sequence of steps that include everything you ever need to know for your success as a REALTOR! Its helps you take out the guesswork from your business and includes everything from the smallest of decisions like choosing the right brokerage, to serious topics like details of the Best Business Model suited for you, Best ROI based Lead generation strategies to Best tried & tested Methods for highest Lead conversion. In fact each of the LEVELS also have very unique TOO BOXES that contain a treasure of tools that are almost impossible to replicate or find

How does it work?

The entire Coaching Program has been arranged in an extremely logical manner so you can progress from the BACHELORS LEVEL in the 1st Level to a MASTERS LEVEL by the time you have completed the 2nd Level and most definitely a PhD LEVEL by the time you complete the 3rd Level because by now you are way above I would say over 90% of REALTORS in your entire State! Each of the Levels have 10, 9 & 4 Modules respectively varying from about 40 Mins to 75 Mins each. You can watch these Modules either on Video or Audio or whatever your preferred method of learning right from the comfort of your own home at Your Own Pace & Your Own Space. And as if all of this was not enough you have the rare opportunity to join AJ LAMBA personally on his LIVE Q & A calls with fellow like minded REALTORS every week to ask any questions you may have


How do I get started?

Its as simple as 1-2-3. You start the moment you enroll online. You can Buy the entire Course at a huge Cost Saving or Buy 1 LEVEL at a Time or even Buy 1 Module at a time, its your choice. And if you wanted Consultation on your career you can even book a Personal 1 on 1 Session with AJ LAMBA personally. Its all online through the COACHING Button on our web site. Remember, once you purchase, you get lifetime access to the same.

Where can I access the course?

Once you purchase the 1st Course you will get an access code sent to your email. Thereafter you will be allocated a MEMBER LOGIN ID which will allow you access to everything you have bought 24/7 & forever and you can access the same from any device simply by using your exclusive MEMBER LOGIN

How much does it cost?

The entire Coaching program has been made so affordable that it only costs a fraction of what you will make in your very 1st Deal that you ever do by following the Course and its FREE to you for life after that. Its probably the cheapest & the best Financial decision you'll ever make for your Real Estate career! The Costs have been made simpler so you can buy based on your individual convenience. You can either buy the entire Course comprising of all 3 Levels & get the biggest discount, or buy each level individually that has several Modules inside them or even buy 1 Module at a time. Detailed pricing & Special promotions from time to time have been provided under the COACHING button on our Web Site.


I can't login to my account. What should I do?

If you've forgotten your password, please contact our Support Department at [email protected] . You can also login to our website using this link: Use the email you used to sign up for the course and the password that was provided to you after purchase. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Lost Your Password” to reset your password. After you login, you will be taken directly to Module 1.1 of the course & all access to the other modules you have bought are listed on the right side menu.

Where do I access the purchased modules?

Once you make the 1st purchase & have been given a MEMBER LOGIN that is only exclusive to you, everything that you have purchased will always be accessible & available to you forever 24/7 simply by logging into your Personal Member Login. This login button is also visible on the top right hand corner of our web site.

Can I download the content on my laptop or phone?

It is completely unnecessary. You do not need to take up space on your Laptop or Smartphone unnecessarily because you have access to everything 24/7 in one of the most High Tech & Secure Data Clouds in the world of Coaching.  

Is the content relevant to my city or state?

Yes this method works in any real estate landscape. I can assure you that this is the exact same formula that Top Producers even in your City & State are using. If you take a deep dive into the Top producer in your own City & State you will 100% get the OMG reaction as these are the exact same secrets (no holds barred) that I used to clock a MILLION $$$ in Commissions in only my 4th year in the business & what Most Top Producers don't want you to know. No one likes a New Competitor in their area who will soon be taking away a large chunk of their Income!




How do I know it's going to help me?

It’s going to help you because it is a tried & tested formula. Its not on a test run but I have personally used this formula for over 15 years to satisfy over 2000 Clients & Sell over a BILLION $$$ ! I think once you watch a few Modules I can almost guarantee you that you will begin to see the vision of your own success and I will not have to tell you anything more. And remember unlike other Coaches I'm always personally available on my Weekly LIVE Q & A sessions for any questions you may on route to your success!

Why is the course so long?

I hope you have realized by now that this is a life changing Coaching Program where you have the potential to make even a MILLION $$$ a year. Ask yourself how much a Doctor or a Lawyer makes in your City & how long do they go to study to make that kind of money? In fact it has taken my Team 3 years to put this entire Program so beautifully that you get 15 years of all the secrets of my personal success in an approx. 15 hours Program ! I'm sure you'll agree it doesn't get any better than this anywhere in the World. And remember by the time you finish this entire Program, you will never need another Coach again as I want to ensure I have not left out any detail ever.

How do I get access to the LIVE Q&A calls?

Once you’ve completed all 3 Levels you become eligible to join our LIVE Weekly Q & A calls with AJ LAMBA personally. Its important to ensure that everyone who is on the call has had the complete Coaching and not a part of it to be able to make these calls most efficient & cost effective for all because markets are always changing & learning new strategies never stop.