Selecting A Live Coach

Every good Athlete that wants to win needs a Coach, and every good Professional that wants to succeed needs a Coach! It is a fact that anyone who is determined to be successful, needs a Coach, and having the Right Coach could be the difference between Success and Failure! We are all aware of the thousands of truly good professionals who often lose confidence in themselves and blame themselves when all they really did was choose a wrong Coach! That’s precisely why I always say…. “selecting the right Coach is critical to your success”!

Even a high calibre Professional with a bad coach will fail! Have you ever wondered why some coaches try and sell a new product or a new plan almost every single month? Think about it…..? It’s because nothing seems to be working for them or their Trainees! Why would anyone keep making changes to their Training if it is working really well? Have you ever wondered why some of the Most Successful Professionals around the world continue to do precisely what they have been doing for the past 10 years except that they do so every year with even better finesse and sophistication!

So here is my full disclosure! In only my 4th full year in the Business I clocked over a Million Dollars in Commissions.

And 15 years later, I am still practicing LIVE what I teach and will continue to do so as long as I teach because we all know teaching without practicing is outdated and has become impossible in this New World order!

The very first thing you need to ensure before you ever consider a coach for anything, let alone something as serious as selling the highest ticketed item in the world, is to ask….. DOES THIS COACH CURRENTLY PRACTICE LIVE WHAT HE/SHE WILL BE TEACHING? The keyword here in all of this is “Currently.” As we all know… Talk is cheap, and talk alone with no Current Live Experience does not make a good Coach! In fact, I would classify anyone who does this in any industry let alone in our serious world of real estate, the ideal hypocrite.

What you have to do is to start by understanding your true self, your personality and know your strengths. Then identify the gaps that need to be filled to achieve your goals. This will help you evaluate the right coach who has the live experience that can help you achieve your goals. Ensure that the most important criteria is “live” even before you start considering options. The world of Real Estate is not a theoretical world but is one of the most competitive markets ever. Unless your coach is living it live, they are not even qualified to teach no matter what they have to say.

Secondly, it is important to find out if the so-called Coach is teaching too many programs and pretending to have a lot of different options. This is a clear sign of LACK OF FOCUS, and in this world of extreme specialization if you cannot specialize you cannot succeed. It is not fair for your coach to make you the scapegoat of all their experiments. Instead, a LIVE coach would give you a program that has been tried & tested for years and delivered to you in the most simplified method that brings you the success you signed up for!

We don’t just provide INFORMATION but guide you through a complete TRANSFORMATION because we have the passion to see you succeed, not just for 1 year or 2 but forever! We bring you in as a Realtor but sends your back as a Real Top Producer with a brand of your own for Life!