STOP Running After Buyers – Make them Run After YOU!

I’m a No Nonsense Coach so I’ll get straight to the facts! 


Does your current Business Plan sound like…

1. Wasting a lot of Money Buying Leads every month OR

2. Calling hundreds of Recycled Leads who never pick up AND

3. Those that do tell you that they are not interested anymore or they already have an Agent.

Have you ever wondered how & why this happened? Yes, you have but not deep enough!


Did you Hire a so-called Coaching Company or was told by your Broker to…

1. Get smartly dressed every morning and go out and door knock OR

2. Buy a headphone and Cold Call every single day OR

3. Find an Auto Dialer and call from several databases only to be rejected over and over and over again


Have you ever wondered how & why this happens?, Of course, you have but never deep enough!



These are some of the most common scenarios that some of the most talented agents have to suffer for absolutely no fault of theirs. Today I will disclose some true facts in our industry that will help you solve this mystery once and for all, so this never happens to you again!

• Did you know that many of these so-called Best Lead Generating Companies sell the same Leads to Multiple Agents and keep on recycling them over and over again!

• Did you know anyone in the world can promise the moon and get a Lead signed up but when reality sets in and the Live Agent makes the call, the Lead does not respond because the Lead Gen Co promised to send them something that you are not even aware of

• They take contact info of the public from multiple media even while someone is only browsing and has no desire or intent of buying

• Did you know that many of the so-called biggest Real Estate Coaches have not sold a piece of Real Estate themselves in the last 10 to 20 years

• Many of these so-called Real Estate Coaches have never lived your life for even a day and have never practiced what they preach

• Did you know why many of the so-called Real Estate Coaches keep coming up with new programs every single month?

• Why would someone sell you a $10,000 Lead to you for $10?

There’s only 1 simple answer and its very simple if you dig deep enough!

Because they actually have no LIVE experience themselves but like to preach to the world what and how to do it? Lead Generators have No LIVE experience Calling their Own Leads and Coaches have no LIVE experience doing any of the things that they are Preaching and THAT IS THE REAL TRUTH!

It is no wonder, Nothing seems to be working!

I feel your pain because I too have been in your shoes prior to changing my course and simplifying it to the point that I was able to clock a Million Dollars in Commissions in just 1 year! Been there – done that and am blessed to have gotten out of that hole, which is why I am determined to help Agents like myself do the same!

I stopped running Buyers when I understood why nothing was working because everyone that was teaching me and charging me had no LIVE experience what they were teaching

That’s why I call My program the “TURN: Program! My success began when I realized that it was much smarter to go after Sellers and get More Listings so not only will the Sellers themselves be Buying but even Buyers will contact you directly for your Listings

STOP Running After Buyers – Make them Run After YOU!