Why Door Knocking and Cold Calling Doesn’t Work Anymore?

Sales is a field where communication plays a significant role. This is why in the early days, sales experts devised tactics like door knocking and cold calling.

Both practices enabled individuals to have conversations with clients ensuring better conversion. However, what was once considered the rule of thumb in the market, is now being cast aside as a waste of time in the real estate community.

But, why?

If you have this question in your mind, here are some reasons why you should stop knocking doors and placing cold calls.

Reasons Why Cold Calling and Door Knocking Doesn’t Work

The following are some factors that played a huge role in making these two sales practices ineffective.

1. Modern Technology

With smart phones, anyone can see who is calling them from an unknown number before even receiving the call. There is a high chance most individuals will not receive your call let alone listen to what you have to say.

Many houses now have cameras installed outside their main gate to ensure they verify individuals before opening the gate. This is why with technology these two techniques hardly get to shine.

2. Substantial Rise in Scams

Scams are synonymous with sales, as salesmen are capable of convincing people left and right. American Express in one of its 2012 blogs predicted the death of door-to-door sales and that is exactly what’s happening.

Know that scams are not limited to door knocking, cold calling also has a bad reputation of robbing individuals. Due to this, the common mass has lost their faith in them.

3. Other Tactics are Better

You can send thousands of individuals a promotional email within the time of just a few calls. And don’t even get started on how many emails you can send given the same amount of time as a single cold call.

The best part is, that you are neither tolerating rude individuals nor exhausting yourself physically with door knocking and cold calling

4. Consumers are Now Smart

These two tactics have been in the market for long enough to make individuals figure them out. Your target audience knows that you are basically there to make some money and probably scam them.

No one wants to hear your desperate plea be it face-to-face or over a call.

Technology also has a role to play in this. At present, one has unlimited resources to check and learn from. Remember, you are no longer trying to convince a novice crowd but well-informed property owners.

These are just a few of the many reasons why simply sticking to door knocking and cold calling might not benefit you.

So, what you should do instead?

Real estate farming of course!

Luckily, the modules offered by the Academy have a thorough explanation of how you can become a professional lead farmer. Enrol yourself and learn how you can bring clients and ensure lead generation.