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Success Stories


AJ - I have the utmost respect for you and all that you do to teach us how to be successful &  for that I thank you for being so committed to us when others would probably just give up. I have learned more in this past year than all the previous years I have been in real estate. From negotiating an offer, giving a great listing presentation and simply just showing our clients all that we can do for them by going that extra mile to at least try and get a better deal for them.   Since I joined you and moreover this new year, I am very committed to being the very best I can be and not just settle for being mediocre, or just "getting by". I want to be a Top Producer more than I ever have in my career and I owe a lot of that to you for having such high standards for excellence!



Joining AJ Lamba enabled me to learn all the skills needed to become a successful agent. As a brand new agent I was given all the tools I needed to help grow my business at a phenomenal rate. Ready made systems which walked you step by step through any and all scenarios you can possibly imagine in my day-to-day real estate world



Since I joined you almost 4 months ago I have learned a lot !  From a housewife to a realtor, everything changed. & I made extensive mistakes during my  first 2 month I could not even sleep well, even in my dreams I used to think if I screwed up my deal. Now, I still make mistakes, but I know I've learned from these mistakes. Thank you for being nice and patient.



My experience working with AJ Lamba was totally different because when I joined him I did not have a clue how I am going to do things and how I am going to perform. However when I saw other agents working very hard and making good money I automatically got a boost to work like them

and the best part is I started enjoying my work .... , the knowledge, experience, support, help and the positive attitude I get from you and the team is priceless. I always get inspired by you and want to be like you knowledgeable, experienced and confident.


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